Discovery, Brainstorming, Competitor Analysis, and Research

In order to get the right answer you have to ask the right questions. The more you understand your business, your market and your customer, the better you’ll do at creating a compelling website.

Be prepared for a lot of questions as we want to ensure that we know exactly what you do, what your demographics are, who your competitors are and how we can achieve greater success than your current digital presence.

Professional Website Copywriting

A lot of clients are excited for a new website, however they get bogged down with editing and writing content. We can be of assistance – we can take care of your copywriting needs. Professionally written, engaging content is extremely important – and the content will also be properly optimized for search engine optimization. Our local team of copywriters will work with you to ensure that the content hits the mark, is readable by Google, easy to read, and is optimized as best as possible for Google.

Search Engine Optimization and On-Page Optimization Services

Most clients ask about search engine optimization and how can their website be atop the results. Most of our clients rank well on Google for their core keywords thanks to a proper up-front strategy.

This includes in-depth research on your core services, regions that your business provides services in, along with important first steps such as formulating a proper sitemap / page hierarchy, proper page URLs, creating quality content that Google will index, linking to and from pages via internal page links, ensuring that images have proper filenames in place, also ensuring that images are optimized as best as possible, along with numerous other factors – and these are just some of the basics to help lay the foundation.

Having the proper search engine optimization foundation in place is essential, and it is our expertise.

Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and XML Sitemap Submission

Every web project that we build has proper tracking metrics, along with verifying your website with Google and submission of a sitemap to allow search engines to properly index your website. You will have all of the important search engine optimization foundational bases completely covered when you choose Hayes Web for your next web design project.